Thursday, August 13, 2009

Take action. I am. Efusjon facilitates a real income.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Welcome to a little introduction to efusjon We are dedicated to bringing health, wealth, and financial independence to our communities, and individuals Nationwide, and Globally!~
With cutting edge technology, and social networking venues. No 'hard' selling, just creating communities of like minded individuals, all doing what you normally do, just getting paid for your word of mouth advertising!
Paying it forward in a Profound Way!~
Rhodyfusjontohealthandwealth~ Listen to the latest Corp. recorded calls
1-712-432-8809 ~Code~ 405813#
All the best, not like the rest~ in peace and trust!~
Emanuel Daffron Jr

Friday, May 25, 2007

Make a profound move for your business's future~

Local Access Direct~
~ Bringing efusjon to Rhode Island. With the Face Book Application being launched in July 09 we are ever increasingly Honored to be a part of such cutting edge technology, and social networking "Fusjon" of a wonderful product. All Natural, and no chemicals added Energy Drinks!
Join us and truly change your life!

We are a Promotional, Marketing, Advertising firm that takes pride in our presentation to the community. We Cater to local establishments, and are in Local and National expansion.
Now is an ideal time for 'You' to take 'huge' advantage of our local promotional services.

As well as working for other local establishments
All with the similar goal in mind, To STAY IN BUSINESS!

Please feel free in contacting us anytime with questions, request, and or suggestions.
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We are a humble, casual, yet professional group which caters to local establishments in our promotional, marketing, advertising, ventures. We are confident you will notice incredible savings for the everyday folk, assisting in your joy of dinning out, and or participating in some of life's finer joys we all may afford, and enjoy!

Success is what we are all about!
Come see how our service offerings fit your needs.
We provide paid training, for those interested in being a part of our growing firms. Call for details, and join in our constant strive in consistency of 'Huge' savings in a "Not so nice" economy!
Local Access Direct ~ to the future ~